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Join us at the 28th Annual PM Conference. Andy Lopata, of Professional Relationship Strategist, will share an insightful session on “Meaningful Mentoring.”

In today’s highly competitive sector, nurturing future talent has become crucial for senior executives. The guidance, advice, and insights provided by those who have successfully navigated their way to the top can be invaluable. However, effective mentoring relationships require intentional effort and careful cultivation.

In this session, Andy Lopata will shed light on the significance of mentoring and its pivotal role in professional development. From his expertise, he will discuss A strategies and best practices to ensure mentoring relationships thrive and mutually benefit both parties.


This unique opportunity will enable us to gain insights from a renowned professional relationship expert and discover how to make our mentoring experiences impactful.

Join us at the 28th Annual PM Conference and unlock the power of meaningful mentoring!