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At the 28th Annual PM Conference, Ben Sutton of Grant Thornton International and Alain Thys, Alain Thys & Co. will present an insightful session on “Walking in your client’s shoes.”

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, clients seek advisors who can help them navigate complex challenges. While many firms focus on client listening, there is an untapped opportunity to create future experiences that will set you apart proactively. Client journey design enables you to understand clients’ expectations and deliver exceptional value at critical moments.

This insightful session will be presented by Ben Sutton and Alain Thys. With experience in supporting teams across 140 countries and shaping Grant Thornton’s center of excellence for business development and client experience, Ben is a true authority in the field, having spent over two decades in B2B marketing and BD in diverse industries from software to investment banking. 

Alain Thys is a true veteran in customer-centricity with over 30 years of experience helping large, complex organizations implement customer strategies. Alain’s no-nonsense approach has positively impacted the lives of over half a billion customers and 1,000,000 stakeholders across 100+ countries. He has played a pivotal role in architecting the client experience at renowned institutions like Grant Thornton International, Deloitte, and MCE.

Stay ahead of the curve and unlock new possibilities for your firm’s success. We look forward to seeing you there!