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Join us at the 28th Annual PM Conference and be part of the “The business case for net zero – maximising the opportunity” session with John Rastrick, Founder and CEO of Flotilla.

As business leaders, we recognize the pressing issue of climate change and our duty to act upon it. However, the real challenge lies in figuring out the best approach to make a meaningful impact. This session will delve into the business case for net zero, highlighting the significance of effective engagement and communication strategies that not only bring about change but also make commercial sense.

During the discussion, Let’s explore together the practical ways to combat digital distractions and enhance focus and efficiency in the digital age. With John Rastrick from Flotilla, a renowned expert in this field, we’ll gain valuable insights and actionable techniques to tackle the ever-present challenges of the modern workplace.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills in managing distractions while optimizing productivity.