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Join us at the 28th Annual PM Conference and be part of an engaging session on “Mastering digital distractions: building focus and efficiency” with Stephanie Henson, Founder and Managing Director of techtimeout.

Stephanie Henson is a trailblazer in digital well-being, dedicated to combating digital burnout and promoting a healthy relationship between individuals, organizations, and technology. With her extensive web, software, and digital transformation background, Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

In this transformative session, Stephanie will share valuable techniques to overcome digital distractions and unlock the benefits of improved health and well-being, both personally and for your firm. You’ll discover practical strategies to effectively manage email overload, reduce interruptions, and create a healthier digital work environment.

By implementing these techniques, you’ll build focus and efficiency, enhance productivity, meet deadlines effectively, and contribute to a positive work culture. Stephanie’s insights will help you unlock your full potential and improve your work-life balance.

Don’t let digital distractions hinder your success. Join us at the PM Conference and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to thrive in a digital world. See you there!