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Join us at the 28th Annual PM Conference for an enlightening session on “Harnessing Knowledge and Thought Leadership Content Creation” by Rhea Wessel from The Institute for Thought Leadership and Tim Prizeman from Reputation Builders PR.

During this session, you’ll discover two powerful approaches to creating strong insights for your thought leadership campaigns. Firstly, learn how to effectively support your experts in harnessing their knowledge, making the process faster and easier, and ultimately converting it into impactful content. Unlock the full potential of your experts and leverage their expertise for maximum impact.

Secondly, understand the crucial role well-drafted questions play in driving successful campaigns. Learn how to craft questions that generate sharp insights, avoiding the pitfalls of poorly formulated inquiries. Even if you’re not a market researcher, you’ll gain practical knowledge on ensuring your questions generate insightful answers.

It is your chance to sharpen your thought of leadership content creation skills and drive greater influence in your industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and exchange ideas.